Thursday, 6 July 2017

Module 6 Flipped Classroom Support

In order to earn this badge, you will have to create a flipped lesson experience for your class. Vicky has created a great summary of what a flipped lesson is all about for her content creation badge:
So, to summarise:
  • Create or download the content that you want them to work through (relating to your curriculum subject content) to be able to do their "homework" in the class with your help.
    • You can use the myriad of educational subject videos on Youtube, Khan Academy or any of the amazing video sites out there already. (e.g. see the Mathematics Xhosa videos here:
    • You can create your own content by letting someone video you giving the lesson, or by creating a video lesson using some video creation tools (e.g. Screenomatic, Microsoft Mix which allows you to turn a slideshow into a video with voice overs and the students can see you- see some examples here:
  • Suggestion: Make sure that you add some guiding questions that the learners have to answer after hey have watched the video/interacted with your content
  • Suggestion: when they come to class, first do a little self marking diagnostic test with them to make sure that they have worked through the material e.g. using a tool like Testmoz
  • Give the learners their "homework" activity to do in the class in groups or pairs so that they can help one another.
  • Assist them if they have hassles. 
How do you earn the badge? 

To earn this badge, you need to design a flipped lesson plan.

  1. Design and complete the Lesson plan for flipped classrooms here:
  2. Self assess your lesson plan using the Flipped lesson plan rubric and submit a photo/ electronic copy of the self assessment-  Download rubric template here:
  3. Upload into your portfolio Gdrive folder and share with badge collector/facilitator

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