Sunday, 9 July 2017

Module 9 Gallery walk support

The Gallery walk strategy is different from the Learning Stations strategy in as far as it is more suited to discussion and discourse.  Even though it can also be places where you can learn and gather information about a topic, it should entice discussion.

So were do your start??? Your your subject CAPS topic of course!!

  • Decide what the 4 Exhibits will be about 
  • Make sure that they learn something new at each exhibit. 
  • A mobile device has to be used at at least on of the exhibits but preferably all (e.g. using QR codes to give them access to more examples or a video, audio, article)
  • Create clear guiding questions that will solicit good discussions.
  • They then have to make a comment and discuss the other learners comments  well. A good idea is for them to put their names on the stickies so that when you take it off the wall, you have a recordal of participation.
  • Do a debrief, get the learners to summarise all the exhibits as an individual activity. 
A great idea is to get the learners to create  the gallery walk exhibits on different topics that you give them, They then put their Exhibits up and the other groups critique it. 

Reminder of what a good exhibit does:

  • ·       Impart information and knowledge
  • ·       Solicit feelings (positive/negative), 
  • ·       Stimulate challenging discussion.
  • ·       Encourage critical thinking
Badge Criteria: 

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